Valentine’s Day Lovin’ from the Oven

It’s that time of year again, and the Oven Lovin’ kitchen is creating Valentine’s Day goodies for you to share! Perfect for office or school events … or simply to indulge in with your special someone.

51651 copy

These peanut butter thumbprint cookies are a great gift for peanut butter lovers everywhere. Tender little cookies filled with raspberry jam. $16 / dozen!

w copy

These conversation heart sugar cookies are a fun twist on the classic Valentine’s Day candies! Heart shaped sugar cookies with royal icing and sayings of your choice! These have the potential to be really sweet or really funny, depending on what you want written. A great gift for anyone! $16 / dozen.

asdsads copy

Red velvet. How much more romantic can you get with a cookie? Rich, cakey dough with a mild cocoa flavour, filled with creamy white chocolate chips. Truly delicious and very pretty 🙂 $16 / dozen.


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