Candy for breakfast? How about cereal for dessert!


I hope everyone enjoyed their first annual BC Family Day this past week, as well as Valentine’s Day! Happy Chinese New Year as well! Quite a variety of celebrations this week. I had a few rather quirky orders for Valentine’s Day; it seems people were giving the gift of humour to their loved ones this  year 🙂 although I won’t share the photos here, I can say that I really had a lot of fun making them, so thank you to everyone who ordered!

Now. I’ve been dreaming up something for a while.

Over the past few months I’ve been pondering how to approach this curious dessert which has been haunting my thoughts:


Cupcakes …


wait for it.


… that taste like rice krispie square treats.


RIGHT? I love marshmallow flavour. There is something so distinctly comforting about a marshmallow. Perhaps from somewhere in my childhood I had a distinctly comforting marshmallow moment. In addition, I love cereal. Cereal with milk, cereal bars, dry cereal snacking by the handful – cereal is wonderful. And if it is true that a marshmallow can be a comfort, then it is also true that cereal can be a comfort. Marshmallow rice krispie squares are a truly comforting dessert. So familiar and never failing to please.

So tonight, I went ahead to try and shatter everything I thought I knew about rice krispie square treats. I made RICE KRISPIE SQUARE CUPCAKES. This is but the first iteration of something that I expect will one day be great. I started out with my basic vanilla cupcakes recipe, but added rice krispie cereal into the batter. Baked those bits right in. After they cooled, I hollowed out a portion of each cupcake and filled it with a dollop of melted marshmallow and a little more cereal. I topped them off with vanilla marshmallow fluff frosting and garnished with … MORE CEREAL. BEHOLD:

marshmallow dream cakescooopcakes

So that was my first try at these cupcakes. My honest opinion is that there could be more marshmallow flavour, so I’m going to continue to work at it! FYI, my recipes USUALLY do not turn out the way I’d like them to on the first go. I work very hard and practice until I bake something I can take pride in.

But I didn’t stop at cupcakes with the cereal. I also made MARSHMALLOW CHOCOLATE CHIP CORNFLAKE cookies, which aren’t much to look at but here is a picture none the less. They turned out a little flatter than I would have liked, so here’s another one to work at!

cornflake cookies

Anyways. Just thought I’d share my cereal adventure with y’all. I was excited about it and I thought I’d share with you what’s been up in the Oven Lovin’ kitchen!

I hope everyone’s 2013 is shaping up nicely!

Peace, love, and things.

xx Aylinn


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