Decadent Chocolate Brownie Cookies & the Search for the PERFECT Peanut Butter Cookies

I’ll start with the peanut butter cookie part.


So the past few days I have gone through four iterations of peanut butter cookies, trying to create the perfect peanut butter cookie. Over time I have tried countless recipes, but I’m never happy enough with one to make it a second time. I don’t think my criteria are too specific; it simply needs to be:

  1. Thick, as in about a 1:4 height to diameter ratio.
  2. Amazing peanut butter flavour, but not so much that the peanut butter makes your mouth gummy.
  3. Chewy and dense on the inside, rather than cakey, soft, or crumbly.
  4. Slightly crispy on the outside; crispy, not crunchy.
  5. Must hold up peanut butter flavour to any additives, such as chocolate chips.

Okay. I can’t be sure where I got this idea of how peanut butter cookies should be into my head. I must have had a cookie like this somewhere. I can’t remember for the life of me. Anyways. I’ve tried soft batch peanut butter cookies, cross-hatched crumbly ones, big cakey cookies (which I use for my jam thumbprints), but none of these are what I am looking for.

Yesterday, I created a peanut butter cookie with only one noticeable flaw, which is close than I have ever come before. Last night I researched the science of cookie creation, what makes cookies chewy, crispy, thick, flat, soft, etc. I altered my original recipe slightly today and tried again. They are a little bit better … but still not good enough. I will have to continue my research at another time, because I think if my family sees one more peanut butter cookie they might explode.


SO. After making so many peanut butter cookies, naturally I had a chocolate craving. I would, right?

I satisfied it by making the softest, densest, richest, chocolatiest melt-in-your-mouth cookies of all time. Don’t believe me? Try them out for yourself! I’m adding them to the COOKIES section of the site under “Chocolate Chocolate Chip”, available for order by the dozen. You will definitely go into a chocolate coma from these cookies. Needless to say, my chocolate craving is temporarily cured.

brownie cookie


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