*NEW* Menu Items and Summery Cup-cakey goodness :)

Greetings sweet seekers!

I am pleased to add a few new menu items to the list of offerings from Oven Lovin’. The items are as follows:

  1. Dark Chocolate Mocha Cookies
  2. Carrot Cupcakes (+ Carrot Almond Coconut option ’cause everyone loved the Easter Cupcakes!)
  3. Orange Coconut Cupcakes (+ Orange Coconut Rum option, if you’d like some kick )
  4. Strawberry Lemonade Cupcakes

Remember folks, cookies are $16 per dozen and cupcakes are $20 per dozen! These are the perfect treats for your Summer kick-off gatherings 🙂

I hope we have some takers for these tasty treats! See the ORDER NOW tab at the top of this page to procure some of these delights!

If you have any questions or concerns about my treats or my services, e-mail, text, or call anytime!

Thanks everyone! Enjoy the sunshine!

xx Aylinn

Also, some cupcake porn for your personal pleasure!

photo copy6 copy4 copy


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