Oven Lovin’ 2013 Holiday Menu


festive chocolate chip > dark chocolate, orange, pecans, cranberries

chewy ginger molasses >

cranberry bliss > white chocolate chips  & cranberries topped with white chocolate cream cheese frosting

almond roca > toffee, dark chocolate, & almonds

peppermint cream > fudge cookies with peppermint frosting & crushed candy cane



peppermint hot chocolate > chocolate cake with peppermint frosting & mini marshmallows

eggnog > spiced eggnog cake with a creamy eggnog frosting

gingerbread latte > espresso flavoured gingerbread cake with espresso frosting and ginger cookie crumbs­­



Note: Due to the popularity of Oven Lovin’ last holiday season, orders this season will be taken on a first-come first-serve basis, so get your requests in the books A.S.A.P! Thank you so much to everyone who ordered last year as well 🙂

Regular menu items are still available for order but custom orders will not be during this time.

Prices for certain items have been updated and can be found at www.theovenlovin.com .

Also a reminder that I can be contacted by EMAIL (ovenlovin@live.ca) or PHONE/TEXT (604-318-6384) ONLY! Please do not message the Facebook page or leave a comment on the website! I will likely not get them in time!

Thank you!


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